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Clouds at sunset
Sunrise over the Cimmarons
Just before dark looking north
Lightning and southern Montrose
Sunset looking southeast
North from the upper deck
Moonrise over the Cimarrons
Looking east
Feeding frenzy!
After a rain shower
Lightning to the east
Sunrise over the Cimmarons
Mt Sneffels in winter

The views from the home are some of the best in Colorado.  Looking to the south, you see Mt. Sneffels in the San Juan Range.  To the east are the Cimmarron Range and the West Elks.  The Grand Mesa is to the north, and the Unconmpaghre Plateau to the west.  It's still being debated whether the sunrises or the sunsets are the most beautiful.  The lights of Montrose are seen to the northeast in the evening.

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